I’ve Been Tagged For a Liebster Award

My very good friend and my own personal makeup-expert has tagged me for a Liebster Award. As she writes her blog, Scribble with liner, in english, I have the decency to answer in the same language.

Now for some quoting from her blog on what a Liebster Award is and some rules:

«Liebster from the German word for favourite. This is a way of introducing others to blogs you like that’s got less than 200 followers, and you feel are deserving of more, so thanks so much, girls. I’m honoured, and quite moved by the gesture.

Now, as you’re tagged you have to link back to the blogger that tagged you, nominate ten others and answer the questions of the one(s) who tagged you. Oh, and you get to ask ten questions of the bloggers you nominate. The fifth rule of the Liebster Award is to notify your nominees of the tag.»

– Scribble With Liner

And for her questions:

1. What do you do for a living?

I am at the moment a full-time student, and works part time on the side to make ends meet. Students in Norway tend to be poor. In a few years I hope to be employed by some space physics company, as I am majoring in Space Physics.

2. Why do you blog?

This blog started out as a combination of a joke and an information source. I wrote mostly about sports, and was sort of making fun of the largest norwegian blog, fotballfrue. However, sports has become a smaller part of it, and I find that writing feels terapeutic, and helps me sort thoughts and digest events. The content may be superficial, but while writing, the heavy thoughts are sorted with bigger ease.

3. What’s your preferred pastime (other than blogging)?

As a student with a part time job, pastime is a luxury I can not afford. But, once in a while I join Siri at the Volleyball-court, and walking my dog takes up quite some time. Also, I have a tendecy to spoon the couch every day…

4. What are three items of clothing you’d never wear?

I’m pretty sure I’d never wear those high-waist pants that were popular in the 70’s.
Also, I find jumpsuits rather… childlike. I wore them when I was 1, won’t wear them at 21.
And, not really sure it counts as clothing, but I’ll risk it. Converse! Yes, they are shoes, but they are made of fabric. Like clothes. And they are made for people with 100% flat feet.

5. What are three cosmetic products you’d never wear?

Wrinkle cream (Though, i probably have to eat those words in a few years).
Rouge. My cheeks are naturally red.

6. What’s your favourite Disney movie?

Can’t really recall that many Disney Movies. So I have to go with… High School Musical? Not for the quality of the movie or dialogue, but there are some amazing voices in that movie.

7. If you were to compose your own signature scent, what would the top, middle and bottom notes consist of?

Swetty volleyball-shoes, a splash of dog and the smell of my loved boyfriend.

8. You’re redecorating and painting your livingroom and bedroom. What are the before and after colours?

Both are white / off-white at the moment. Not sure I’d do much, but I would like to paint one of the walls in the livingroom in a darker color, possibly brown/grey or dark lilac. The bedroom I’m not sure I’d change. Don’t really spend much time in there anyway. (At least not awake with the lights on)

9. What is the one place on earth you’d like to visit, more than any other?

Rivendell? Not really a place, but I’d love a cruice in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, it sounds so relaxing!

10. What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is a word I rarely use, and when I do, I doubt it has much deeper meaning. Not because I don’t think that people are beautiful, but because I don’t feel there is a valid and good definition of what beauty is. My boyfriend is stunningly beautiful, there is no doubt on that. But when saying that someones dog is beautiful, or their makeup looks beautiful, what you really mean is that the dog is cute and adorable, and the makeup looks stunning, fantastic, or something around there. The world is in my opinion, way to occupied with beauty without really knowing or defining what it is. So until the word is properly defined, or someone gives me a good meaning to it, I prefere using more accurate, defined words. Like my gorgeous friend Siri and her adorable puppy dog.

Now for my tagged ones: 

Most of the blogs I read are the large, pink-blondie-blogs. I read blogs for entertainment and recreation, not for researching spesific topics. So I feel I can’t name any spesific blogs. Instead I bend the rules a little, and tag all of you, to answer the following questions:

1. Why do you read blogs?

2. What are you looking for in a blog? (Information, entertainment, a good laugh or sad stories from the real world, you name it)

3. If presented with the opportunety, would you say yes to a journey to the moon?

4. What do you do for a living?

5. If you had to model for one, photos or a painting?

6. And a follow-up; which artist / photographer?

7. What kind of driver are you, prone to road rage or the 5-km/h below-person?

8. Favorite summer activity?

9. Do you prefer bright summer nights with midnightsun and dark winter days without any light, or light days and dark nights all year ’round?

10. If you were to name a rocket and define its mission, what would it be?

So if you feel like answering these questions, please do. If not, I might answer them myself when I have time.


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